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Hang Out With Us This Week:

MISTI: no appearances this week

GONZO: Thurs (12/6) Myles Kennedy concert pre-party @ Ruperts in Destin, 5-7p

GONZO: Fri (12/7) The Devil Wears Prada concert pre-party @ Ruperts in Destin, 5-7p

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Excuses to celebrate and let your Freak Flag fly this week: 

MONDAY (12/3): Make A Gift Day, Roof Over Your Head Day, Walt Disney Day, Disabilitiy Day

TUESDAY (12/4): Cookie Day, Wear Brown Shoes Day, Dice Day, Cab Franc Day, World Wildlife Conservation Day, International Cheetah Day

WEDNESDAY (12/5): International Ninja Day, Repeal Day, Bathtub Day, World Soil Day, Sachertorte Day

THURSDAY (12/6): Miners’ Day, Mitten Tree Day, Pawnbrokers Day, St. Nicholas Day, Put On Your Own Shoes Day 

FRIDAY (12/7): Bartender Appreciation Day, International Civil Aviation Day, Cotton Candy Day, Pearl Harbor Rememberance Day 

SATURDAY (12/8): Brownie Day, Lard Day, Pretend To Be  A Time Traveler Day, Gingerbread Decorating Day, International Shareware Day

SUNDAY (12/9): Techno Day, World Choral Day, Pastry Day, Christmas Card Day, International Anti-Corruption Day, Worldwide Candle Lighting Day, International Day of Veterinary Medicine
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