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Hang Out With Us This Week:

MISTI: no appearances this week

GONZO: no appearances this week


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Excuses to celebrate and let your Freak Flag fly this week: 

MONDAY (8/12): World Elephant Day, Vinyl Record Day, International Youth Day

TUESDAY (8/13): International Lefthanders Day, Filet Mignon Month

WEDNESDAY (8/14): World Calligraphy Day, Creamsicle Day, Social Security Day, Tattoo Removal Day 

THURSDAY (8/15): Relaxation Day, Check The Pet Chip Day, Lemon Meringue Pie Day, Acadian Day, Cycle To Work Day 

FRIDAY (8/16): Men’s Grooming Day, Rollercoaster Day, Tell A Joke Day, Airborne Day, World Bratwurst Day, Rum Day

SATURDAY (8/17): World Honey Bee Day, Thrift Shop Day, International Homeless Animals Day, Black Cat Appreciation Day, Break The Monotony Day, Vanilla Custard Day, Geocaching Day

SUNDAY (8/18): Bad Poetry Day, Mail Order Catalog Day, Pinot Noir Day, Serendipity Day
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