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If you have legal questions you want me to ask Marcus when he comes by the studio, on Wednesday, shoot them to me on email (woofy@wksm.com).

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Here are a couple of my favorite pics from the Emerald Coast Harley-Davidson give away.

Free Harley give away Kevin n Woofy 654W

Free Harley give away Woofy new ride

This is for Dave and anyone else who is fighting cancer.  I wrote this in May of 2010, at 4am, in a hotel room in Houston, TX, before my first round of chemotherapy.  Take from it what you will:


F.U. Cancer by Woofy Ramone

Cancer…I can’t pretend to understand your evilness.  I don’t know why you choose to infect the people that you do with your blackness.  As for my case, is it the decades of smoking, is it the years of living what some might consider a lifestyle of debauchery, is it a random contact with something or is it just shitty luck?  No matter the answer, know this, I have plans for you.  And that plan is to FUCK YOU cancer.  Others may role over and give up, NOT ME.  Whether it is the power of the thousands of WONDERFUL people who are keeping me, and my family, in their positive thoughts/prayers, the 6 weeks of chemotherapy, the 6 weeks of radiation or just the simple fact that I have way too much more to do in this life.  Know this…in 2010 YOU DIE and I LIVE.  As I go on living I will use all my powers to eradicate you in others.  Decades from now while I sit on a front porch in a rocking chair next to my best friend with our family’s around us, you’ll be a distant memory, hell probably a punchline to a rather sick joke.  This is your warning, prepare now because I’m going to FUCK YOU CANCER.



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