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Hang Out With Us This Week:

MISTI: no appearances this week

GONZO: no appearances this week


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Excuses to celebrate and let your Freak Flag fly this week: 

FRIDAY (11/29): Black Friday, Chocolates Day, Flossing Day, Buy Nothing Day, Square Dancing Day, You’re Welcome Giving Day, Throw Out Your Leftovers Day, Electronic Greetings Day, Sinkie Day, Maize Day, lemon Cream Pie Day, Systems Engineer Day, Day of Listening 

SATURDAY (11/30): Computer Security Day, Small Business Saturday, Mason Jar Day, Mousse Day, Stay Home Because You’re Well Day    

SUNDAY (12/1): Eat A Red Apple Day, Day Without Art Day, World AIDS Day, Walt Disney Day 

MONDAY (12/2): Cyber Monday, Fritters Day 

TUESDAY (12/3): Make A Gift Day, Roof Over Your Head Day, Giving Tuesday, Disability Day  

WEDNESDAY (12/4): Cookie Day, Dice Day, World Wildlife Conservation Day, Cab Franc Day, International Cheetah Day, Wear Brown Shoes Day 

THURSDAY (12/5): International Ninja Day, Bathtub Party Day, World Soil Day, Sachertorte Day, Repeal Day 

FRIDAY (12/6): Bartender Appreciation Day, Miners’ Day, Pawnbrokers Day, Mitten Tree Day, St. Nicholas Day, Put On Your Own Shoes Day, Faux Fur Friday 

SATURDAY (12/7): International Civil Aviation Day, Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, Cotton Candy Day    

SUNDAY (12/8): Brownie Day, Pretend To Be A Time Traveler Day, Shareware Day, Lard Day, Worldwide Candle Lighting Day, Choral Day
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