Daily Contests

CLICHE OF THE DAY: We looked up the word “cliche” in the dictionary, and it turns out this game is inaccurately named. Check out the sports report on The Morning Movement with Gonzo & Taryn to get the “Cliche of the Day”. Then listen to Kevin McKay at 5:45 that afternoon for your chance to call him with the cliche to WIN!

5 O’CLOCK BLOWHARD: At 5pm every weekday Kevin ends the workday by giving the 9th caller on the Rocklines (243-3699 or #995 on your cell) some nice free STUFF.

TUESDAY BLOODMATCH: On Tuesday afternoons between 5-6pm Kevin pits two callers against each other and tests their knowledge in music trivia…is this really just another way for Kevin to make people look silly…YES.  But you will win some lovely prizes.

99ROCK HAIRCLUB: Kevin asks some strange hair band trivia…you win prizes and then throw your “Dio Devil Horns” in the air and rock out to 3 songs from the hair band movement!  Yeah man you’re right Bullet Boys were BAD ASS!  Email[email protected] with your suggested Hair Club requests.