The Morning Movement

Hang Out With Us This Week:

MISTI: Friday (2/28) from 5-7p  at Ruperts/ Club LA in Destin for concert pre-party

GONZO: no appearances this week


.Click for pics of our shenanigans and mishaps… 


Excuses to celebrate and let your Freak Flag fly this week: 

MONDAY (2/24): Tortilla Chip Day, Play More Cards Day, World Bartender Day

TUESDAY (2/25): Clam Chowder Day

WEDNESDAY (2/26): Pink Day, Levi Strauss Day, Personal Chef Day, Inconvenience Yourself Day, For Pete’s Sake Day, Pistachio Day, Tell A Fairy Tale Day

THURSDAY (2/27): Pokemon Day, World NGO Day, Kahlua Day, Chili Day, Strawberry Day, Digital Learning Day, Polar Bear Day 

FRIDAY (2/28): Tooth Fairy Day, Floral Design Day, Chocolate Souffle Day, Scouse Day

SATURDAY (2/29): Leap Year Day, International Underlings Day, Bachelor’s Day, Open That Bottle Night, Sword Swallowers Day, Rare Disease Day

SUNDAY (3/1): Barista Day, Pig Day, Wedding Planning Day, Retired Not Retired Day, Plan a Solo Vacation Day, Fruit Compote Day, Horse Protection Day, Namesake Day, World Compliment Day
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